Notary Public

Philip Redmond is a Notary Public.  He is a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries, and is available for appointments.


A Notary Public’s role is to verify the signing (known as execution) of documents that are required to be used overseas.


A Notary checks:

• The identity of the signatory 
• That the signatory has full legal capacity/official representative capacity 
• That the signatory signs with full understanding of the transaction


There is a charge for this service depending on the number and type of documents or amount of time involved.


It is important to note that whilst a Notary can certify the authenticity of a document, they do not verify the facts expressed within the document itself (which remain subject to the normal rules of evidence of the country in which the document is being presented) or the signature on the documents.


A Notary Public is a private professional to whom the Crown entrusts the function of authenticating transactions and documents in proper legal form. Unlike their US counterparts, New Zealand Notaries are required to hold formal legal qualifications.