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Changing to us

Corcoran French is committed to providing high-quality professional services designed to meet new and existing clients changing legal requirements. 


If you are not happy with the services that your current law firm is providing you, and you would like a law firm (that’s us!) to deliver high quality and consistent legal services in a cost-effective time-saving manner then change to us. 


Option 1

You can make an appointment with one of our highly experienced lawyers  and we can make sure that your requirements are attended to as quickly as possible whilst offering reassurance. 


Call us to make an appointment or link to appointment request.


Option 2

If you prefer you may wish just to write to your lawyer and us.  If so you need to send to your current lawyer an authority letter to forward all documents to Corcoran French as we will now be acting for you plus a letter to us letting us know.  


Letter to your lawyer and letter to us, letting us know where documents will come from.


Option 3

If you need further advice then we suggest that you email us your questions or concerns. 


Email us the information at