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Rural Property

Corcoran French prides itself on its strong links with the rural sector and in particular those in North Canterbury, although many of our clients extend throughout the whole of the South Island. Our lawyers can provide effective solutions and peace of mind including but not limited to the following areas of rural practice:-



  • Buying, selling or financing rural land, machinery or livestock;

  • Leasing of rural land;


  • Advising on the ownership structure of assets;


  • Trusts and succession planning, wills and estates;

  • Relationship property issues;

  • Resource Management compliance;


  • Employment and dismissal of staff;

  • Rural subdivisions.


We understand the challenges facing farmers and rural land owners/occupiers and act for a broad range of rural based clients across many of the agricultural sectors. As such we are familiar and understand the industry and the clients that we work with.


We also have a good network of business associates to assist with complex issues including the NZ Law Group which is an association of independent legal practices throughout New Zealand.   Our conveyancing partners are also accredited members of the New Zealand Law Society Property Law Section.


Where possible, we try to work in with your accountant or rural advisers to make sure that with the practical advice an effective solution can be reached which benefits you and your business. Farming transactions can be complex therefore you need a trusted advisor who had knowledge and understanding of issues such as GST and tax law affecting your business.  The financial costs involved with rural transactions can be substantial and therefore miscalculations can be expensive. We understand the importance of being accurate with the crucial transactions and the importance of “getting it right”.


Technology allows our firm to service clients across a broad range of geographical areas throughout New Zealand and our links through technology and through the NZ Law Group are there to assist clients when needed.


Corcoran French is a full service firm and assist our rural clients in all areas of their farming and rural business. We work with our clients and their advisors to produce the best possible outcomes. We have a long and proud history of providing legal services in the North Canterbury and South Island region for over a century. We are committed to and place an emphasis on our client care, approachability and professionalism. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our clients in the rural sector in providing a competent and friendly level of service to meet their needs.